Thursday, October 25, 2012

Holy October Batman!

October already?!!? WTF! I havent updated since August, for crying out loud I need to get on the ball. Alot has happened since my last update, well not a whole lot, but good stuff nonetheless!!

I started working a couple days a week at a studio much closer to home, in Charles Town, WV. I am totally stoked about it! Werewolfe Tattoo is 20 minutes from my house (as compared to the hour that it takes me to get to Leesburg), its a great looking studio and a very busy studio. I am still working in Leesburg a couple of days as well.

So, Friday, Saturday and Sunday I will be at Inksanity in Leesburg,  Wednesdays and Thursdays I will be at Werewolfe Tattoo, our address is 814 N. Mildred st. Ranson, WV. The number is 304.728.9880 if you would like to call and set something up with me you can do so at anytime during business hours. Or you can email me just make sure to let me know which location you want to get tattooed at. Confused? Nah, me either.

On to the paintings! Ive done a couple of 8x10's in the past month or so, but slowing down a little to rest my hand and work on other projects.

I cant remember which order I did them in but here they are. All done on Arches and with Dr Martins.

heres the skullerfly I was painting in the video from the previous blog post.

a peacock feather and a shmancy skull on tea stained paper

a foul weather umbrella

a yellow skull with hairy bones (fuggin skulllllllsssss!!!!)

and my favorite, trippy little sugar skull.

 and another peacock feather on teastained paper, with some fancy filligree around the edges.

I think its time for some new subject matter, eh? I have prints of all of these and working on putting an etsy shop together (or stocking it). I also have the originals for sale too if you see any you are interested in please let me know via email . I will also have prints at the artshow in December at Inksanity so you can snag one up there as well.

Also wanted to share my friend Betsy works her ass off on a kick ass art and literature magazine, Devolver. Creative writing, photography, paintings etc. She works really hard on it and if you would like to check out some fresh artwork please check out

So thats it for now, thanks for reading.

Monday, August 27, 2012

august: a few spit shaded paintings ..the magic of time lapse!!

whats new? well work at the studio is steady with tattoos and i think ive been pretty good about staying up with painting (sorry Skyrim) , trying to do at least one watercolor project per week. Maybe.... my memory is shit so in my mind, I have been painting one sheet/painting per week for as long as I can remember :) 

 I have been having alot of issues with my hand, mostly my thumb joint and its rotation, and grabbing and using things that are smaller than a 1" tube. Also the outside of my forearm has been getting really tired. Sometimes when it gets really bad, the center of my palm hurts burns like shit too. When Im actually tattooing, my hand rarely bothers me. Its when my machine isnt running that it really fucks me up.. Im trying to balance my days at the shop with one larger (couple of hours) piece, and the rest of the day filled with smaller stuff. I am seeing a massage therapist, and wrapping my hand  when I sleep. This past week, Ive also been wrapping my hand when I paint, keeping my thumb close to my hand, limiting its mobility and relying more on my shoulder/arm than my hand and wrist. It doesnt hurt as much to paint when its wrapped.

So that shit sucks. My hand wont be as sad as my pocket will come winter time. I havent seen a dr about my hand, nor do i care to. Ive done a little research and it appears that the "traditional" medical treatments are: surgery and cortizone shots. fuck both of those ideas. Im going to stick with my massage therapist, start soaking, keep wrapping and see how far that gets me.

anyway. Ive done a couple watercolor paintings here and there, so here they are. Really was on a sugar skull kick for a minute, still kind of am....i like the goofy skulls. working on some butterflies now, hope fully will have something to post next month.

heres the first sheet i started, some goofy skulls for sure. Not really digging a few of them now that I look back on them but...oh well.

goofy skulls
Another sugar skull

And this guy, Electrichead, is one of my favorites that Ive done. I like the colors alot

And a break from the skulls for a minute....You see this little dude and variations of him in plenty of old school tattoo flash. This is an 8x10 I did for him and his imaginary, yet chesty, ladyfriend.
Hot Stuff, and... Lady Hot Stuff!?

I have to share this awesome video...I saw this on youtube a couple of years ago and fell in love with the idea of time lapse painting...if i could buy the original of this i would. I absolutely love it ...this shit is insane!

This video inspired me long ago, and I picked up a tripod yesterday, so guess what I did? Yup.
My very own time lapse painting. I put it on youtube, i hope people dig it. I havent made a video in a long time so Im a little rusty. anyway, here it is:

This was alot of fun!! I had the afternoon off and it didnt take too long, the painting took about an hour and I did a little set up yesterday to see how the tripod would sit and everything. Im pretty happy with the way it came out, other than the fact that it kind of ends ubruptly. The more videos I do the easier and smoother (uh..lets hope..) they will become.

i think thats all for now.  again, the pics arent the best quality, maybe Santa will bring me an Iphone!  Or maybe I can just stop being lazy and start using my camera! ps I am also on instagram : kimmythehun so if you would like to see some of this stuff in progress, hit me up.

anyway, thanks for looking, and thanks for reading.

Monday, July 2, 2012


Two more traditional style tattoo flash sheets, spitshaded and painted with Dr Martins, on 140 lb cold press Arches. These are both 11x14 and going up in the studio very shortly .

    Some goofy spiders, old school diamonds, cherries, an emo cloud and some naughty peephole action, with a sexy tattooed man pin up for good measure! I got to do a version of him on someone a few weeks ago, and would like to do a whole sheet of stuff like it, but probably rated R, for sure.

funky angle , and the color is a little off.

     And here are some old school horseshoes, a heart with wings, some tulips, orchids, a stargazer lily and a sundae I drew up for someone who never showed up for her appointment. Ever wonder where your design goes if you dont show up for your appointment? Well, usually to someone else or to another artistic project.

     There are two more sheets to go up on the walls at Inksanity, making a total of four altogether. All of us threw down a few sheets to put up in the lobby. I would like to do some more with flowers, but I've got an idea for a set of four ...that if I did end up doing it...would probably take me until the winter to start on. Here's hoping that I can make it happen sooner.

     I've also updated my website with more pictures in all the categories (cover ups, black and grey, and color), and a blurb or two about tattoos. Thats all for now, hopefully I will have some new junx to put up in a month or so, some 8x10s would be nice to work on.
 Thanks for looking!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A postcard or two

Look familiar? What can I say, I have a thing for girls riding alligators. Postmarked 1928

Easter Sunday on the Boardwalk, Atlantic City NJ
Postmarked 1905

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

paintings, man.

its been a minute since I last posted and it feels like it gets harder and harder to find the time. i think I might just started posting from my phone, with one or two pics and minimal text. I can get it out alot faster and not have one post a month. im all about function and efficiancy. ooh! and i know what video im going to post at the end of this junx.

I have fallen completely head over heels in love with Instagram, and I post alot of works in progress and tattoos and paintings on there, ok, not alot but Im trying! and Im cutting out Facebook and trying to use Instagram alot more. Its really simple, clean, and if you trim all the bullshit, drama, whining, "my stomach hurts/lunch was good/ im tired" updates, and just get down to what *I* really wanna see....fucking pictures!

So, if you use Instagram and are inclined my handle on there is kimmythehun please follow if you like my stuff.

on with this tiny parade. I only have a couple of things this time around, tattooing has been keeping me and everyone else at the shop busy (awesome) and between drawing tattoos, doing tattoos, drawing for myself, and the rest of LIFE its a constant struggle to MAKE the time to paint. forreal. If youre making time for one thing, it means youre cutting out time for another. its always unbalanced. theres always someone waiting longer for their artwork that you were supposed to start working on a month ago... ah but what can you do? I try not to make it a habit but sometimes ... it happens sometimes.

Please excuse the shitty camera phone pics....More traditional tattoo style paintings, really digging this stuff. I did this for the "Time" themed art show coming up at Inksanity. Its pretty big, probably 14 or 16 inches high. Dr Martins watercolors, tea stained Arches. It also happened to coincide with my one year anniversary (so it is staying with us,) it is on display at the shop til after the show on June 2nd. The frame was silver and i brushed it with black Liquitex arcylic.  Its definitely one of my favorites Ive ever done.

im keeping this one

Alot of times we get folks in the shop looking for a tattoo who dont really know *what* they want or are only looking to spend x amount of dollars. So i made a "Cheap Sheet"  its 14 x 17 watercolor on Arches, all of these tattoos are $50 a piece or pairs for $75 (like the fly and the poop, the bacon and eggs,the onions, the wishbone and the clover, teapot and teacup, hotdog and pretzel etc). So far Ive done the clover, the glasses, the skull and crossbones. This sheet is in my room at the studio so if you are interested in getting one let me know, they are alot of fun and I really love doing them!

Im really looking forward to the day when someone wants the sausage links. Just sayin.

tattoos for the broke and/or indecisive.

Ok almost done, Classic Electric Tattoo in Frederick is having a "Tattooer Only" artshow, artists are submitting 11x14 sheets for display the first week of June ( I believe its the 2nd of June but cant be sure). Anyway here is my sheet, still taped to the painting board. There are some REALLY awesome artists submitting their stuff, unfortunately I wont be able to go because its the same night as Inksanity's "Time" show... there is going to be some serious talent there.

some stingy things, and some 'callapitters

and I just busted this little dude out a couple hours ago, and I think I might have someone getting it tattooed very soon and I will post pics when we do it!

forreal. its the dill, yo.

So thats it for now I hope you enjoy and thanks for looking!

Oh, and this is how you get down, kids:
some Fugazi for that ass

Waiting Room

and Turkish Disco ... my faves

Monday, March 19, 2012

more attempts at traditional tattoo flash style designs...with bonus Skyrim screenshots

what a mouthful. thats what she said.

things have been busy as hell at the studio as of late and I havent had much time to do many paintings. Im still catching up on some scragglers (drawings I need to get done) to be completely caught up from my Sick Week of WTF.

So here are two, and I feel like a bamma because I only have two to share but I like them both alot, it definitely feels like I was taking my time and not just banging them out.

so heres an 8x10 I finished the other day , an old school rose junx
like my giant stamp in the corner? i need to make a smaller one.
 Im still working off the Strathmore watercolor paper, I have a whole pad of Arches I got for my birthday I havent even opened yet, Im whittling down my other paper and making sure Ive got a good hang of things before I break out the good stuff ;)

and heres another 8x10 I finished last night
who so blurry?
A traditional tattoo style horseshoe and some flowers. You can definitely tell a girl did this. that is not a bad thing :) I dont know why the photo of this came out so blurry, it probably has something to do with the fact that Im lazily using my droid instead of my camera to take pics. oh well.

So thats pretty much it, just busy tattooing and drawing tattoos, painting when I can for right now. Also took a shit ton of hermit crab pics, I changed their substrate last week so they are discovering all over again. Maybe a hermie post soon, and  There is one thing I kinda miss since Ive been painting so much....


slaying dragons and taking their SOULLLLLSSS

healing myself with wizardry

learning new languages
hiking in the wilderness with my mercenary
and this:
just standing around and being awesome, really.

I miss playing Skyrim. Maybe tomorrow I can get some hours in. *sigh* <3

thanks for reading!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Ode to Virginia and a couple more

Here are some more water color paintings Ive got for sale. these have been done for a couple weeks, Ive just been out of commision (sick as fuck...for a WEEK = 7 days!) and getting back to being human again, and my first week back to the shop I super busy tattooing. So I havent had a chance to post , much less paint anything new. I have drawings to catch up on so ill try and make this one quick (psh. unlikely).

Looking at these I see how far im actually veering from tattoo flash images, and though I want to try new things, i still really really want to paint old school tattoo images. I will start on that this week, for sho. In the meantime, here's these junx. If anyone is interested in these hit me up ( or on facebook ) for pricing and details. Im flexible.

flowery floating lady head

 8 x 10 Maiden type of girl, not really tattoo flash style neither in the technical sense or the composition, but I have been looking at alot of art nouveau images, and wanted to try something different. I started her a day or two before I got sick, and didnt even work on her while I was out of commission. Probably the last day of the "vacation" was when I started up on her again. I hate stopping and starting because I feel like I lose momentum, but I didnt really have a choice.

gypsy girl, delicious bloody moon and a raven.  

 This was for the Deadly Sins show, its pretty big (for far)  11x16 or 11 x 14 something like that. I cant remember the exact measurements, its at the shop and Im home at the moment. The more I look at my own stuff the more I hate it, but I like this one and the one below best out of these three. The painting is a good size, I like the ominous bird on her head and the composition. I think the bandana took the longest. maybe its pretentious as fuck to critique my own work? moving on....

Virginia: Born and Bred, Made and Paid.

This one was for the show too, Ive been wanting to get a Virginia tattoo for a while but have not had the opportunity, time, or desire to get tattooed in a while (waiting for all three to coincide is like waiting for the planets to align...thats a whole 'nother issue). We have the apple there, a shmancy cardinal, some dogwood flowers and of course, and our state motto. Also a heart, not big enough to encompass my three anchors... Herndon, Front Royal and Leesburg  but close enough for me! My favorite state in the union, Virginia.

Which brings up a little factoid : apparently Sic Semper Tyrannis is actually mistranslated. Alot of people think it translated to "Death to Tyrants" where as it actually means "Thus Always to Tyrants" and our state flag is a woman with her foot on a man she has killed . With the image, I would wager its "Death to Tyrants" but I dont speak Latin and I skim when I read (Wikipedia). 

Either way, according to my translation Virginia wants us to let our titty hang out while slaying some bossy assholes. Sounds like a good time to me.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

watercolor tattoo flash style - 2 Deadly Sins show submissions

This past month I have really surprised myself, cranking out a painting damn near every other day. Most of them are 4 x 6, I have a couple 5 x 7 and (as of right this moment) 3 8 x 10's. Watercolor makes for quick work, its much much fast than acrylic and I really enjoy it. I can finish something instead of walking away from it and taking a break, which I hate doing. The process is like tattooing in the sense that you have the rough draft, the outline, and fill in. It feels really natural too. I dig it.

With the 7 Deadly Sins artshow coming up at the studio I didnt think I was going to have much to contribute. then came thing I fell in love with. I hope its not a passing phase because I asked for another set of inks and some fancy 'spensive watercolor paper for my birthday. I have not painted in a couple days since I finished the Reaper , and I know I need to take a quick breather... but I have started another one, its laid out in pen and I started some of the black today. It might have to wait til my weekend to be finished, ill be busy with tattoos tommorrow and Saturday and Ill probably be too tired to work on it until Im off.

Im rambling because Im tired,  ill get on with it so I can get the fuck to sleep!

Ok this is the first 8 x 10 that I did. Its also the first water color I did that i transfered the image with a lightboard instead of just sketching on the paper. I wanted to do a gyspy girl but she ended up looking more like a socialite. Like everything, there are some things Im not digging but she is done and in a frame so thats the end of it.

hey, i like your fancy hair...thing!

The frame and photo look wonky because it was really difficult to get pictures without glare and the cropping the way I wanted. They are both straight in the real world.

Here is the second one:

naughty... rawrr!

I cant take credit for this design. I wish I could. I drew it while looking at a piece of old stippled biker style tattoo flash that was given so kindly to me (thank you Tex at Colorworks Tattoo xoxo ..yes I still have them and  they are my secret stash!) . I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it and i really wanted to paint it. Its a grim reaper and a naked lady...whats not to like?!? the background is my favorite.

I was going to upload the other 8 x 10 but I cant figure out why it keeps showing up sideways and Im too fucking tiredf to mess with it. I have 16 other paintings at the shop for the show, 12 of which are for sale. Sherry has done some cool artwork, Brian is working on some things, and the apprentice Hawk is doing some stuff too. Im sure ill put a couple more together before the show on the 25th. We probably all will.  Its going to be an all day thing, so folks can come in anytime during business hours and check out and maybe pick up a piece of original artwork.

Anyway. thats enough for now, enjoy!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

watercolor painting: old school tattoo flash style

Trying my hand at something new to me, something I am really starting to dig. For conversations sake Im gonna call it "watercolor" but with these little tattoo flash style paintings I actually used drawing ink. I have a set of fancy (haw haw) watercolor inks on their way to me but for right now Im using Windsor & Newton drawing inks. I like them because I am just starting out so I dont really know what I am doing- so the colors are bright and they are thin, but I also dont like them because the set the I bought the colors are very pastel like and they are thin. Watery would be a good way of describing them. Again, this coming from someone that doesnt know what they are doing really so what the fuck do I know?

Anyway I had someone try to show me how to watercolor paint before and I gave up after about 5 minutes. It was really hard to do and NOTHING like acrylics (which i am still finding my way around). I dont know what happened...I have been watching alot of tattoo documentaries and reading alot. All of a sudden I wanted to try this. So. hopefully it wont be something I learn and get bored with. Its really alot of fun, and I can bust out a 4x6 in about an hour and a half (haha thats probably super slow to people who have been doing it for some time)
my sad cloud, a little dude off my practice sheet

anyway here are the few I have done so far, I just sketched these right onto the paper, lined it and rolled the black in then laid the color over .

first three old school rose, fancy skull, heart with banner and name

hearts and banners - cropped weird on my cell phone

anchors aweigh for my homie Danielle
So those are the 4x6's and one of them is a 4x4 but Im working on a larger one right now, its deinfitely alot more work the larger they get so Im only doing it piece by piece. The smaller ones are fun to bang out, but looking forward to finishing the biggun soon.

Thanks for reading, oh, and enjoy this rad clip from one of my favorite documentaries (I have it on dvd only a half an hour long, but I always have the book!) on Mr Stoney St Clair

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Decembers progress (yes I know it is January)

 its been a while since i posted and i am in the middle of other projects (like...they are sitting here waiting for me to shut the fucking computer OFF) so ill make this really brief. Ive been doing alot of painting, and reading books about art and drawing and watching documentaries about art, and watching interviews with some of my favorite tattoo artists...Im trying to flood my brain. I swear these all look better in person. I took this photos with my camera phone so ya know... anyway.

replace tv with ipod and replace internet with paint, brush and canvas. thats what ive been trying to do.

I did this for my step daughter for Xmas, its acrylic 8x10 on canvas. was trying to get my hand back after a long break and work on the loose swirls, i like using them in tattooing but i want to try a couple new things, so this was a good practice.

this is also 8x10 acrylic on canvas. i did it for the upcoming "7 deadly sins" art show at the studio I wanted to do a 3-5 painting series about greed (consumerism/consumption) with pigs but im not sure if i will have time. in retrospect i wouldnt have put the symbols on his shoulders if i knew i was going to put the writing in the background.

this was my favorite of all, but i really wish i had done it larger with greater detail. its also 8x10 acrylic on canvas. I didnt know tarantulas had 10 legs until i started checking out reference material. pretty cool. I like spiders. especially big hairy gross ones. :-) this was supposed to be the last painting of 2011 for me.

but the last one of 2011 ended up being this nerdy turd. its on canva-paper, maybe like 11x16? underneath him is something i did a few years ago i got sick of looking at so he got a face lift.

anyway that is all for now, i just picked up a watercolor set and did a small little tattoo flash style skull, hoping to get a couple more done and blog again.