Sunday, June 10, 2018

🎨 Creative Compulsion 🎨 pattern coloring book- First glance and 4 free DIY print & color sheets!

After a few months of working on geometric and repeating patterns, Creative Compulsion is complete! Its a little different than the Heavy Heart mandala books, but just as intricate - if not more. Its finally available on Amazon, and I'm so happy to share it with everyone :-)

As far as specs go its 8x10 inches with a glossy cover. I wanted to go with a matte finish again but for some reason the selection kept getting kicked back to glossy - I think it may have something to do with the trim size, but I can't say for sure.

Each of the 35 pattern pages are printed on a single sheet, meaning even if you do have bleed through due to markers or pens, it won't ruin a design on the other side. And even though I feel the paper is a good thickness and  quality I still recommend using a scrap piece of paper to protect from bleed, especially for markers. There is also a blank "practice page" in the back to try our color combinations, or blending techniques.

The designs are full pages of geometric and repeating patterns, with a border around the edges. Visually it feels different than the mandala books because although the mandalas are complex, and kind of pull you in, in Creative Compulsion, there is something different on every page.

A flip through preview video!

I'm pretty anti - artist statement, as I feel like its presumptuous to think someone would actually want to read about the process, or the "why" or "how".  In the simplest terms, I produce these images because I can, and some times need to. Making art is a great way to cope, and I'm just honored that others take interest in it. I am constantly working 3 steps ahead, always with many irons in many fires stay tuned to see whats coming next :-)

And here are a couple DIY print and color sheets for your enjoyment 😃

Monday, May 14, 2018

Heavy Heart - Mandala coloring books- Preview Flip through (videos)

So I've been working on this "drawing/compiling/aiming to publish" mandala thing since 2015 and last summer published the first volume of mandalas I've made. This is going to be a short post, as I am knee deep in releasing 2 more books (more on that in a bit) but I wanted to post the videos that I made featuring the mandala books - all 3 Volumes of Heavy Heart.

So here it is, sorry for the delay (hey, a year wait isn't so bad, right?) Procrastination. Life. Work. tons of other projects. Ive got a notebook (or two...) filled with jotted down ideas, for coloring books, paintings, photography projects, short films, poetry, cartoons, tattoo really never stops. So here I am chipping away at the mountain of "due" projects, this giant of "gonna do's"...trying to steer myself back on track.

Anyway! Here are the previews!

Volume 1

Volume 2

Volume 3 

Thanks for looking!

🌈 The coloring books I have on! 🌈

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Thursday, September 14, 2017

Heavy Heart Mandala Book Volume 1 - preview and sneak peeks

   Heavy Heart Volume 1 (pink cover) the first is a mandala coloring book I released in June 2017. It took abut a year and a half to get the first one published. Beginning in January 2015, I started creating the majority of the designs back then. Many of which are influenced by stained glass, art nouveau patterns, sculpture and jewelry. Initially I wanted to publish a "how to" guide on making your own mandala - since all of the early designs were hand drawn, using a template I made. I also had lots of ideas on exactly how I wanted the book designed; I wanted pages that were easy to tear out, thick paper that would hold up under watercolor and some other features. Due to the production costs however, it wasn't going to be easy, cheap, or affordable. I still want to make a how to guide, its just going to take a little bit longer than I have the patience for at the moment :)

   While the idea I began with turned into something else, I couldn't be happier with the evolution of the 'mandala book' idea. I wanted to make something that people would enjoy coloring, but also something that tattoo artists could use for reference. And for coloring fans, a collection of mandalas to be able to get lost in, but also something they could step away from, come back and want to finish what they started on. 

matte cover - Heavy Heart A Mandala Book - Volume 1

   Volume One of the mandala books features 52 symmetrical, unique and original mandala designs, including a few hand drawn full page images. Here are 2 of my favorite full page pieces - both hand drawn 

Hand drawn full page mandala sheet - click to purchase Volume 1 on

Another full page sheet from Volume 1 - click to purchase Heavy Heart on
   Im currently working on more coloring books, (taking a break from mandalas at the moment) but I would like to do an entire book of 100% hand drawn full page images. Making these sheets really takes a toll on my hand (and fingers) quickly though - leaving me with a temporary gnarly claw-fist. I look forward to designing this book, but I also dread it in a way - a big way!

   Each mandala is printed on a single page but feel free to use a scrap piece of paper or thin cardboard under the page you are working on to prevent bleed. With varying degrees of complexity, these designs make for intricate and relaxing images to color. The book measures 8.5 x 11 inches and the pages within are recommended for gel pens, markers, and colored pencils.

hand drawn stylized flower mandala from Volume 1- colored with Prismacolor pencils

An artsy fartsy shot of page 8 in Heavy Heart Volume 1

  As far as difficulty in regards to complexity for coloring and using these images for tattoo reference I would consider them “medium to difficult” . All if the mandalas are circular in shape, and rare roughly 7 inches in diameter. 

This mandala would be tricky - but fun to tattoo! Any takers? Contact me if you're interested in wearing this one :-)

   I have used a couple of these mandalas from Volume 1 for tattoos, and found them to be easy to make a stencil from, and read and follow with a tattoo machine. I will be making a separate blog entry for those, very soon!

One last sneak peek from Heavy Heart Mandala Book - Volume One 

   So you get the point as far as the composition of the books goes. I am constantly working on mandalas, patterns and similar designs - even when I am "taking a break" from said designs. 

   I will be posting a similar break down for each volume, as well as mandala tattoos I've done, and also some new download and print pages. If you want to stay up to date on the mandala books, new editions as well as new coloring book projects I'm working on, feel free to follow me using the links below

Coloring books and Mandalas - mindhandstudios on Instagram 
Tattoos and other artwork -  kimmythehun on Instagram
My website  ( tattoos, contact & scheduling info) -
my Zazzle store (in progress) 

Thanks for reading and thanks for the support and feedback on the books!

Saturday, September 2, 2017

Heavy Heart Volumes 1, 2, 3 - released! also bonus Instagram hacked? UPDATE: IG fixed!

  After a couple of roller coaster weeks with my dad in (and out) of the hospital, I didn't get much of a chance to let everyone know about the books being completed and released. I didn't get a chance to do much, honestly, other than visit him, find out what is going on and keep him company. So thanks to all the folks who were flexible with me moving their tattoo appointments around, and allowing me to take some time to be by his side.
  So, here is a post about them! I fully intend (over the next couple of days ) to blog about each one individually with a couple teaser pics of each volume to clear up any confusion about the 3 books. Why 3? Isn't one book enough? (no) What do the small mandalas look like? Can you use them for tattoo reference? Will they make a clean stencil? Are they fun to color? With the exception of the first question, all signs point to yes. 

Volumes 1 - 3 Heavy Heart Mandala book - Available on

I've produced and compiled these images with tattooing in mind. By that I mean I know how tricky/unforgiving ink & skin can be, so there was a lot of consideration kept in mind when designing these mandalas. What will hold up over time, what will reproduce well (by copier/stencil maker/hand)  and what is easy to simplify enough to make a clean readable tattoo. Also things to consider - is the book easy to open all the way to place on a copier, and run a stencil off of? Yes.  I hope to post a photo break down of the copy/ stencil process soon as well. 

Each volume is slightly different - I will go further into individual descriptions in the next 3 blog posts.

Volume 1 (Pink💖) has 52 mandalas - circular and symmetrical. With one image per page- many of these images range from "easy" to "intermediate" in difficulty. 
Heavy Heart Volume 1

Volume 2 (💛yellow) is 44 pages - 110+ smaller mandalas and geometric flowers. There are some pages with a single mandala on a page but most pages have anywhere from 2,3,4 and sometimes 5 images on them. 
Heavy Heart Volume 2 

Volume 3 (💙blue) is 40 pages of "intermediate" to "difficult" as far as complexity is concerned. The pages consist of one mandala per page, and some 3/4 and full page images. 
Heavy Heart Volume 3 

    Altogether combined within the 3 books there are a little over 200 images. Each image is printed on a single sheet, to maximize presentation and prevent bleed when working with materials like pen, gel pen, marker. Though the paper itself is a good medium weight, I recommend using a scrap piece of paper or thin cardboard as a precaution against marker/pen bleed. I will be posting lots of images soon of completed mandalas from the books, if you have any and care to share feel free to tag me in them!  I have a separate Instagram account strictly for the coloring books - please follow @mindhandstudios for updates.

   UPDATE: 9/4/17 Instagram restored my account in full. **
On a side note I don't know why but my Instagram " kimmythehun " has locked me out/user not found/unable to log me in. No clue what is going on. I don't violate TOS and don't post anything other than tattoos, drawings, and sometimes my dogs. I've changed my password and contacted their non existent customer service (and I roll my eyes) Hopefully I can recover the account - Im kind of stressing it!!

So if you have found this blog and wish to stay updated, get in touch for a tattoo or look at other artwork/ my tattoo portfolio... Im gonna lay it all out for you :

 Instagram (broken??):   kimmythehun
mandala & coloring book Instagram: mindhandstudios
Twitter (a lot of nonsense from me, really) kimmythehun

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Its ALIVE (!?) WTF a new blog post

Man it has been a long time since I posted - uh, like 3 years! ALOT has happened, but at the same time, many things are still the same. I am working in West Virginia again, at Boomtown Tattoo in Martinsburg, WV

I finally published my mandala book - Heavy Heart (Volume 1)  I have enough material for Vol 2 and damn near finished with Vol 3's mandalas. Once I have enough for #3, I'll file the copyright paperwork and proceed with publishing. Yes its a coloring book, and its got 52 symmetrical mandalas that are also great for tattoo reference. The pages are a medium weight paper and the designs are readable enough to color, yet not get over whelmed.

It's really inexpensive considering there are 52 mandalas - You can purchase your own copy here: Heavy Heart - Mandala Book on

I am playing around with stop motion animation, which you can check out on my YouTube channel 
or enjoy this short clip I made a few weeks ago - its completely silent and happens to be the last video I made with my old tablet mount.  I modified a new mount, so things are a bit more steady now.
If you like it and want to see more, please subscribe to my channel!

Im still painting (not enough) and drawing (also not enough) tattooing (enough) and living and breathing so those are all great things. Of course Id like to throw myself further into my artwork, more and more each day. Which, some days, by shutting out the world - it works out exactly how I want it to.

My website is still kicking, there may be some new artwork & prints available on there - so feel free to visit it! its

I have also been working toward some personal goals, trying to focus on my physical health and also fighting a never ending battle with anxiety & depression. Coming to grips with the fact that I DO struggle with certain things, and its ok to struggle. Struggle is good. Struggle builds character.

I truly want to start an Agoraphobics Anonymous club but as my bff pointed out, no-one will show up. Hmph. Ok now what?

Actual photo of me

I hesitate to write about things that are personal to me because
  1. Im not really into over sharing online. I think it gets ridiculous with how much info people put out, and despite some of the things that come out of my mouth, I can be a very private person. I need a lot of SPACE around me. Figuratively and literally.
  2.  I don't have much of a filter. Im also stubborn and my opinions aren't up for debate or discussion. I feel the way I feel and I don't have to explain myself to anyone.
 3. But INTERNET DEBATE-  Its like a fuckin part time job for some people. Look in the comments section of any Facebook post, article, whatever- and its plain to see, people LOVE to chime in on shit, dissect, and pick apart stuff. Even after unfollowing 95% of "liked" things and friends on FB, I still get sucked into lashing out sometimes. There are a few other reasons I have hesitated for a while blogging, or vlogging. Im sure they will come up at a later time.

Any way, thats it for now. Im off to get tits deep into some other thing thats going to keep me up too late.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

April 22nd recent paintings and happenings

So alot of people know I took a medical leave in March now and 6 weeks later I am just getting back to tattooing full time. I have faced my worst fears (doctors, needles, hospitals, anesthesia, and even surgery) and am a better and healthier person for it. I am so used to getting bloodwork now...Years ago I couldnt even have blood taken. I would avoid bloodwork (and the doctor...and the dentist!) at all costs, even to my own detriment. I had a serious case of "white coat syndrome". Thanks to a great doctor, surgical experience and all the nurses and people who looked after me, I have a different outlook today. And of course, thanks to my compulsive Googling to find out "the real deal" and answer all of my ridiculous and incessant questions. Are you curious to know what procedure I had done? Im sure you are! Here are some possible scenarios:

1. Head from Ass removal
2. Foot & Hand transplant (the ol' switcheroo)
3. Transcranial Barbell Implantation (skull piercing)
4. Triple F Breast Implants
5. Reverse Frontal Lobotomy (they actually put more brains in)
6. Bloodletting with leeches
7. Removal of Tapeworm (extreme dieting!)
8. Shock treatment

The all 8. at once. Thats why it took 6 weeks for me to get back to work. So now Im rested and feeling much better! And the best part is Im back to tattooing! My favorite thing in the world!

While I was off I painted a bit and did some fun (and relaxing) things. I also revamped my website, if you would like to check it out you can do so here
check it out!
I got some new business cards printed up!

I like these!

 I did some paintings!
All of them are watercolor on Arches. Specifically Dr Martins watercolor. They are spitshaded on tea stained Arches 140lb colr press. I am a fan of the tea stain. Some people dont care for it.  Ive seen some really cool examples and if I had my way I would do them to the point of 'overdone', but whatever. The Bone Mandala is watercolor & acrylic. I have heard lots of good things about Waverly Liquid Acrylics but have yet to try them (but i will...soon!)

8x11 Dagger and geometric flowers , also made into my new business card design

9x12? i cant remember. did this for an art show at Cirque Du Rouge in Washington DC  - SOLD

11x14 did this for fun- many mandalas!

5x7 I gave this one to my dad. One of my favorites- nfs

5x7 Did this for an art show at The Body Gallery in Sterling VA - SOLD

8x8 Did this for a very hardworking tattooer Mike Walker at Tried & True Tattoo in Front Royal, VA

11x14 I did this for another very hardworking tattooer, Jon Berst at No Tomorrow Tattoo in Charles Town, WV
 I am kind of burnt out on paintings right now, but that will probably last a couple more days. I have a couple more I want to do for people and a couple ideas brewing but I have to get back drawing for tattoos.

And I have stickers being made right this very second! Here is what they will look like...recognize these ? ya want one?
They will be at the shop as soon as they come in. Please feel free to come by, say hi, and pick one up! If you live out of town and would like a couple please send me a S.A.S.E. ( Here is how to send a self addresses stamped envelope, for all you youngins) 

to: Kim Taylor 
No Tomorrow Tattoo
105 South Lawrence Street
Charles Town, WV 25414

and I will be happy to send you some as soon as I get your envelope. Make sure to send a s.a.s.e.! (unless  we've made other arrangements).  Some of you may be were working in Front Royal not too long ago, now youre in Charles Town? WTf!?

Yes, I am working in Charles Town! I am in the pursuit of happiness and will always go where it takes me! Also, Im a grown ass woman, I do what I want. :-)

Thats it for now, thanks for reading!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

April 18th 2014

I have been very busy living life (and having my guts rearranged) that i have neglected my poor blog :( oh so sorry! I have been painting my ass off! Well, as much as I can until my "Brain Painter" Is invented. More on that later...I promise I will do a huge update soon but in the mean time here are a couple things I have been doing....

here is how i flatten a painting...right underneath that toolbox is a huge book of french impressionism...***yawn**** at least it comes in  handy for something

and i just started snapchatting, thanks to roxie and andrew keeping me in the loop o' technology 

these are tattoos i did and were part of an art exhibit called Art on a Mobile Canvas. Im pretty stoked! These guys and alot of my original artwork is on display at the Strasburg Town Hall in Strasburg VA. pretty cool. 

and this is a little 5x7 spitshaded watercolor that i did for an auction at the Body Gallery in Sterling. nice clean open and friendly shop! I will have to visit more.  
things have been busy (thats good right!?) and i have a fuck ton more paintings to share but now..i must sleep. thanks for reading.