Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Ode to Virginia and a couple more

Here are some more water color paintings Ive got for sale. these have been done for a couple weeks, Ive just been out of commision (sick as fuck...for a WEEK = 7 days!) and getting back to being human again, and my first week back to the shop I super busy tattooing. So I havent had a chance to post , much less paint anything new. I have drawings to catch up on so ill try and make this one quick (psh. unlikely).

Looking at these I see how far im actually veering from tattoo flash images, and though I want to try new things, i still really really want to paint old school tattoo images. I will start on that this week, for sho. In the meantime, here's these junx. If anyone is interested in these hit me up ( kimmythehun@gmail.com or on facebook ) for pricing and details. Im flexible.

flowery floating lady head

 8 x 10 Maiden type of girl, not really tattoo flash style neither in the technical sense or the composition, but I have been looking at alot of art nouveau images, and wanted to try something different. I started her a day or two before I got sick, and didnt even work on her while I was out of commission. Probably the last day of the "vacation" was when I started up on her again. I hate stopping and starting because I feel like I lose momentum, but I didnt really have a choice.

gypsy girl, delicious bloody moon and a raven.  

 This was for the Deadly Sins show, its pretty big (for me..so far)  11x16 or 11 x 14 something like that. I cant remember the exact measurements, its at the shop and Im home at the moment. The more I look at my own stuff the more I hate it, but I like this one and the one below best out of these three. The painting is a good size, I like the ominous bird on her head and the composition. I think the bandana took the longest. maybe its pretentious as fuck to critique my own work? moving on....

Virginia: Born and Bred, Made and Paid.

This one was for the show too, Ive been wanting to get a Virginia tattoo for a while but have not had the opportunity, time, or desire to get tattooed in a while (waiting for all three to coincide is like waiting for the planets to align...thats a whole 'nother issue). We have the apple there, a shmancy cardinal, some dogwood flowers and of course, and our state motto. Also a heart, not big enough to encompass my three anchors... Herndon, Front Royal and Leesburg  but close enough for me! My favorite state in the union, Virginia.

Which brings up a little factoid : apparently Sic Semper Tyrannis is actually mistranslated. Alot of people think it translated to "Death to Tyrants" where as it actually means "Thus Always to Tyrants" and our state flag is a woman with her foot on a man she has killed . With the image, I would wager its "Death to Tyrants" but I dont speak Latin and I skim when I read (Wikipedia). 

Either way, according to my translation Virginia wants us to let our titty hang out while slaying some bossy assholes. Sounds like a good time to me.

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