Sunday, July 31, 2011

paper mache skulls, from start to finish. (IMG heavy)

well, sort of. I saw these paper mache skulls at Michaels for a couple bucks a piece, not only was I stoked because they are starting to put out Halloween decorations ( its only fair, because Im sure Xmas decorations will be out next month ...groan...) but because they are so inexpensive. They are a little small, but they make for a quick and fun project .

in the buff          

Priming them was easy because they were pretty smooth, but I definitely wanted to use a primer because I knew they would soak up some serious paint, and I was almost completely out of white.

rhymin' and primin'

These guys didnt have any hangers or any way to display them (other than sitting on top of something) so I bored a hole in the back of them ( with a knife, carefully ) and grabbed some copper wire and wrapped some of these creepy old rusty nails in it

I stole the wire and nails from David, thanks baby!
and fed it thru the eye so the rest of the wire was coming out of the hole, like so:

and here is the wire coming out of the back of the skull, i gave it a good bit of length because I wasnt sure how big I was going to make the loop, plus the length I needed to wrap the loop.

...and looped
the wire is super pliable and was able to wrap it around the nail and into a loop with my fingers , but used wire cutters to cut it. I use my hands everyday so if someone didnt have alot of dexterity in their fingers I would suggest using a small pair of jewelry pliers.

Ok so all the prep work is done, they are primed and fixed so they can be displayed on a wall , no onto the fun part. Painting them. I did a couple pencil sketches on each one and kinda just went with it.

Honestly I wanted to put some more time into them but I needed to get them up and ready for the grand reopening/open house/ art show at Inksanity . I have a few more ideas for these, but Im torn between putting ALOT of time and effort and just kinda throwing something together. We have another show coming up in October so maybe I can figure something out to fit the next theme.

So here is one finished pair, make sure to throw some laquer on them to protect the outside and i wouldnt keep them anywhere damp, because they are paper and i dont know how well they will hold up.

I have two pair for sale at the studio, this pair and a flower type of design on the other set. I hope they get picked up, but if not, I certainly wouldnt mind hanging on to them. =)

Friday, July 15, 2011 super gigantic cherub..aka Baby Dax

a few months ago i was at my favorite place (the Strasburg Antique Emporium) looking for something to paint, and for once I couldnt find much. I looked around for a while and probably picked something up (dont remember now) to tide me over but i kept feeling kinda empty like something was there for me but i just wasnt seeing it. it was the first time i ever eft that place disappointed. well, it didnt last long. i ended up going to the flea market next door (same building) where things are generally a little bigger, and a little better organized. dont get me wrong, i like the junky feel, but i never really go next store just because everything looks a little too ... well put together.

so anyway i go next door and i walk down the isle and im on the phone with the husband, telling him i cant really find anything...and then i fucking thing. this monster cherub hanging ...looming on the wall.  he was so beautiful...he was waiting for me man, im telling ya.  i cant hide my interest. i get off the phone and tell the girl at the front that i wanna buy it. so they send the old lady over who runs the booth and she wants $90 for it. i offer her $60, cash. she said she wouldnt make any money off of it if she sold it at that price but she said ok. i felt bad, because she was a sweet little lady, and i knew she would probably be heartbroken if she knew i was gonna paint this guy like an angel of death so i ended up giving her $70 bucks. she wrapped him up in newspaper and i was on my merry way.

I started on him back in January I think, drew the bones on and painting the black coat on him. hes literally been laying in the art studio since I moved in february....just a little creep, with a dead stare. so here he is or was as of a couple nights ago before i did the wings, the horn, his smile and did some touch up work

getting there

Hes heavy. somewhere between 5-8 lbs. his body is hollow plaster (?) and his wings are wood. his back has holes cut out for his wings to insert into the body. he had a piece of coathanger wrapped around the wings which i cut off before i primed him. other than the wings being a seperate piece from the body he is absolutely perfect. no chips, no cracks, no nothing. he was a natural cream color , and i primed him with a little bit of gesso, which i really considered doing a spray primer because i really wanted a smooth finish on him.

and i stayed up til 2 am in the damn morning last night finishing him up. i detailed the wings, and ever since i started on him i saw him with gold trimming the bones...and the horn, and his smile. and like 3 coats of laquer.

here he is....FINALLY

  and heres a close up of the gold trim, and his frank'n'beans.


and here he is in all his psychotic glory, right where he belongs, above my station at the tattoo shop watchin whats happening and giving his approval. and his name is Baby Dax.

my second home.
I doubt i will ever find another like him, but if i do, I will snatch him up with the quickness. He , and the Virginia Mary statue that I did are a close tie for my favorites. and i think im gonna take a week off painting, as i have a shit-ton of drawings to work on for next week, and I feel super satisfied that he is finally done.

thanks for reading!