Thursday, October 25, 2012

Holy October Batman!

October already?!!? WTF! I havent updated since August, for crying out loud I need to get on the ball. Alot has happened since my last update, well not a whole lot, but good stuff nonetheless!!

I started working a couple days a week at a studio much closer to home, in Charles Town, WV. I am totally stoked about it! Werewolfe Tattoo is 20 minutes from my house (as compared to the hour that it takes me to get to Leesburg), its a great looking studio and a very busy studio. I am still working in Leesburg a couple of days as well.

So, Friday, Saturday and Sunday I will be at Inksanity in Leesburg,  Wednesdays and Thursdays I will be at Werewolfe Tattoo, our address is 814 N. Mildred st. Ranson, WV. The number is 304.728.9880 if you would like to call and set something up with me you can do so at anytime during business hours. Or you can email me just make sure to let me know which location you want to get tattooed at. Confused? Nah, me either.

On to the paintings! Ive done a couple of 8x10's in the past month or so, but slowing down a little to rest my hand and work on other projects.

I cant remember which order I did them in but here they are. All done on Arches and with Dr Martins.

heres the skullerfly I was painting in the video from the previous blog post.

a peacock feather and a shmancy skull on tea stained paper

a foul weather umbrella

a yellow skull with hairy bones (fuggin skulllllllsssss!!!!)

and my favorite, trippy little sugar skull.

 and another peacock feather on teastained paper, with some fancy filligree around the edges.

I think its time for some new subject matter, eh? I have prints of all of these and working on putting an etsy shop together (or stocking it). I also have the originals for sale too if you see any you are interested in please let me know via email . I will also have prints at the artshow in December at Inksanity so you can snag one up there as well.

Also wanted to share my friend Betsy works her ass off on a kick ass art and literature magazine, Devolver. Creative writing, photography, paintings etc. She works really hard on it and if you would like to check out some fresh artwork please check out

So thats it for now, thanks for reading.

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