Tuesday, May 15, 2012

paintings, man.

its been a minute since I last posted and it feels like it gets harder and harder to find the time. i think I might just started posting from my phone, with one or two pics and minimal text. I can get it out alot faster and not have one post a month. im all about function and efficiancy. ooh! and i know what video im going to post at the end of this junx.

I have fallen completely head over heels in love with Instagram, and I post alot of works in progress and tattoos and paintings on there, ok, not alot but Im trying! and Im cutting out Facebook and trying to use Instagram alot more. Its really simple, clean, and if you trim all the bullshit, drama, whining, "my stomach hurts/lunch was good/ im tired" updates, and just get down to what *I* really wanna see....fucking pictures!

So, if you use Instagram and are inclined my handle on there is kimmythehun please follow if you like my stuff.

on with this tiny parade. I only have a couple of things this time around, tattooing has been keeping me and everyone else at the shop busy (awesome) and between drawing tattoos, doing tattoos, drawing for myself, and the rest of LIFE its a constant struggle to MAKE the time to paint. forreal. If youre making time for one thing, it means youre cutting out time for another. its always unbalanced. theres always someone waiting longer for their artwork that you were supposed to start working on a month ago... ah but what can you do? I try not to make it a habit but sometimes ... it happens sometimes.

Please excuse the shitty camera phone pics....More traditional tattoo style paintings, really digging this stuff. I did this for the "Time" themed art show coming up at Inksanity. Its pretty big, probably 14 or 16 inches high. Dr Martins watercolors, tea stained Arches. It also happened to coincide with my one year anniversary (so it is staying with us,) it is on display at the shop til after the show on June 2nd. The frame was silver and i brushed it with black Liquitex arcylic.  Its definitely one of my favorites Ive ever done.

im keeping this one

Alot of times we get folks in the shop looking for a tattoo who dont really know *what* they want or are only looking to spend x amount of dollars. So i made a "Cheap Sheet"  its 14 x 17 watercolor on Arches, all of these tattoos are $50 a piece or pairs for $75 (like the fly and the poop, the bacon and eggs,the onions, the wishbone and the clover, teapot and teacup, hotdog and pretzel etc). So far Ive done the clover, the glasses, the skull and crossbones. This sheet is in my room at the studio so if you are interested in getting one let me know, they are alot of fun and I really love doing them!

Im really looking forward to the day when someone wants the sausage links. Just sayin.

tattoos for the broke and/or indecisive.

Ok almost done, Classic Electric Tattoo in Frederick is having a "Tattooer Only" artshow, artists are submitting 11x14 sheets for display the first week of June ( I believe its the 2nd of June but cant be sure). Anyway here is my sheet, still taped to the painting board. There are some REALLY awesome artists submitting their stuff, unfortunately I wont be able to go because its the same night as Inksanity's "Time" show... there is going to be some serious talent there.

some stingy things, and some 'callapitters

and I just busted this little dude out a couple hours ago, and I think I might have someone getting it tattooed very soon and I will post pics when we do it!

forreal. its the dill, yo.

So thats it for now I hope you enjoy and thanks for looking!

Oh, and this is how you get down, kids:
some Fugazi for that ass

Waiting Room

and Turkish Disco ... my faves

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  1. The one "cartoon" creation... The "Grim Caterpillar" ...Looks really cool ( And could make for a great Character....) Try making some sketches of this figure in various poses and "activities" ... I would love to see the "end results"... these show great imaginative creative talent...Those are the Two Main aspects "missing" in most of the commercially available "crap" that we (the Public) are being fed these days......
    Keep up the Great work ...
    your "fiend" ...the Doctor