Thursday, February 2, 2012

watercolor tattoo flash style - 2 Deadly Sins show submissions

This past month I have really surprised myself, cranking out a painting damn near every other day. Most of them are 4 x 6, I have a couple 5 x 7 and (as of right this moment) 3 8 x 10's. Watercolor makes for quick work, its much much fast than acrylic and I really enjoy it. I can finish something instead of walking away from it and taking a break, which I hate doing. The process is like tattooing in the sense that you have the rough draft, the outline, and fill in. It feels really natural too. I dig it.

With the 7 Deadly Sins artshow coming up at the studio I didnt think I was going to have much to contribute. then came thing I fell in love with. I hope its not a passing phase because I asked for another set of inks and some fancy 'spensive watercolor paper for my birthday. I have not painted in a couple days since I finished the Reaper , and I know I need to take a quick breather... but I have started another one, its laid out in pen and I started some of the black today. It might have to wait til my weekend to be finished, ill be busy with tattoos tommorrow and Saturday and Ill probably be too tired to work on it until Im off.

Im rambling because Im tired,  ill get on with it so I can get the fuck to sleep!

Ok this is the first 8 x 10 that I did. Its also the first water color I did that i transfered the image with a lightboard instead of just sketching on the paper. I wanted to do a gyspy girl but she ended up looking more like a socialite. Like everything, there are some things Im not digging but she is done and in a frame so thats the end of it.

hey, i like your fancy hair...thing!

The frame and photo look wonky because it was really difficult to get pictures without glare and the cropping the way I wanted. They are both straight in the real world.

Here is the second one:

naughty... rawrr!

I cant take credit for this design. I wish I could. I drew it while looking at a piece of old stippled biker style tattoo flash that was given so kindly to me (thank you Tex at Colorworks Tattoo xoxo ..yes I still have them and  they are my secret stash!) . I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it and i really wanted to paint it. Its a grim reaper and a naked lady...whats not to like?!? the background is my favorite.

I was going to upload the other 8 x 10 but I cant figure out why it keeps showing up sideways and Im too fucking tiredf to mess with it. I have 16 other paintings at the shop for the show, 12 of which are for sale. Sherry has done some cool artwork, Brian is working on some things, and the apprentice Hawk is doing some stuff too. Im sure ill put a couple more together before the show on the 25th. We probably all will.  Its going to be an all day thing, so folks can come in anytime during business hours and check out and maybe pick up a piece of original artwork.

Anyway. thats enough for now, enjoy!