Sunday, January 8, 2012

watercolor painting: old school tattoo flash style

Trying my hand at something new to me, something I am really starting to dig. For conversations sake Im gonna call it "watercolor" but with these little tattoo flash style paintings I actually used drawing ink. I have a set of fancy (haw haw) watercolor inks on their way to me but for right now Im using Windsor & Newton drawing inks. I like them because I am just starting out so I dont really know what I am doing- so the colors are bright and they are thin, but I also dont like them because the set the I bought the colors are very pastel like and they are thin. Watery would be a good way of describing them. Again, this coming from someone that doesnt know what they are doing really so what the fuck do I know?

Anyway I had someone try to show me how to watercolor paint before and I gave up after about 5 minutes. It was really hard to do and NOTHING like acrylics (which i am still finding my way around). I dont know what happened...I have been watching alot of tattoo documentaries and reading alot. All of a sudden I wanted to try this. So. hopefully it wont be something I learn and get bored with. Its really alot of fun, and I can bust out a 4x6 in about an hour and a half (haha thats probably super slow to people who have been doing it for some time)
my sad cloud, a little dude off my practice sheet

anyway here are the few I have done so far, I just sketched these right onto the paper, lined it and rolled the black in then laid the color over .

first three old school rose, fancy skull, heart with banner and name

hearts and banners - cropped weird on my cell phone

anchors aweigh for my homie Danielle
So those are the 4x6's and one of them is a 4x4 but Im working on a larger one right now, its deinfitely alot more work the larger they get so Im only doing it piece by piece. The smaller ones are fun to bang out, but looking forward to finishing the biggun soon.

Thanks for reading, oh, and enjoy this rad clip from one of my favorite documentaries (I have it on dvd only a half an hour long, but I always have the book!) on Mr Stoney St Clair

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