Tuesday, June 28, 2011

cherub brothas

I actually started these guys a few/couple/cant remember months ago and got busy with life and had to put it on hold. because they are a pair it felt REALLY weird that one had been completeled when I took a pause, and i swear it makes the whole procrastiation thing 100 times worse when you can FEEL an unfinished project nagging at you everytime you walk past the room its in. stopping halfway or for a break (more than a day) is usually the project killer for me. unless i finish it that day, its survival rate drops rapidly. thankfully this wasnt the case, and also i proved to myself that yes,  I CAN pick it back up and finish where you left off.

so I snagged a quick pic of these guys, one done (no laquer) and the other one ...just waiting
C'mon lady, dont leave me hangin...
 I didnt really know what i was going for with these guys, other than skelly-fied, and gaudy. check. and check. I have a SUPER big one im in the middle of that they definitely resemble, and will post when complete.  here they be:

They arent very big but they are done, and I dig them. There are a couple discrepencies between the two but thats kind of the awesomeness behind hand painted stuff, it has personality. They will be for sale at the studio, and hopefully some folks for the art show/grand opening will snag them up.

I also wanted to say that I bought these guys at my FAVORITE!!!! place to go thrifting/hiding from the world the Strasburg Antique Emporium in Strasburg VA. That place is a treasure trove, I got my shogun Godzilla toy there , and they have some arcade games set up and running (Galaga, Ms Pac Man and Street Fighter etc) I seriously will go there and play games and shop and creep around for hours. I really really love that place and they are good people so if youre in the area go in and check it out!

Monday, June 27, 2011

a quickie collage

I got really lucky a couple weeks ago , I posted on fb asking for old magazines and a couple of folks really came thru and hooked me up , and ive been cutting and pasting steadily since then. Magazines, especially fashion magazines are chock FULL of shit (literally) to make something with, all you really have to do is figure out how and where to place the images. I used to buy magazines in my early 20's and enjoyed reading them, I guess its been a really long time or that I really never noticed how many fucking advertisements for make up, diet supplements, skin cleansers, hair products, etc etc. its really just like a book of commercials. let me stay on track before a rant starts...

So I think I may have a touch of OCD, that or I really enjoy organizing. Or maybe I was just thinking ahead since I received about 30 magazines....
my high tech filing system                       

And I got this at a yard sale yesterday , its just a cheap frame with a cardboard back, the frame itself is warped and kind of rough wood. Im thinking it was won at a carnival or something, and someone slapped a print out of Rosie the Riveter in it, Ill put her to work on something else.

hells to the yeah

After pulling the frame apart and wiping the glass down, I started the magical process of pulling things out of my H.T.F.S to arrange and place and try and figure out a theme. I have alot of stuff in the H.T.F.S so if I dont make quick work and make a decision, this will take all day, and I have shit to do.

Oh Cosmo, you slay me!

After getting everything laid out and glued down, and trimming and hangy pieces, I put the frame back together, and gave it a little touch of paint, same color.

done, son.  
Done and ready to slap on the wall! Its only about 8 x 11 inches, its super simple. Im looking to start a larger one maybe tonight and get a little more ... personal? detailed? gritty? fancy? with it.  I got a slightly larger frame yesterday too, and a pack of nice worn in playing cards, which im looking forward to doing something with. and I am ALWAYS taking magazine donations so if you have any please get at me. thank you for reading!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

sold my first piece of art!

and Im super excited! Ive always given painting and stuff Ive made away but today I sold this junx , the Madonna and Child I picked up from a flea market and repainted.

I sold it to Mandy Ward and also got a sweet ass painting that she did..

.I love it and cant wait to take it home! Thank you so much Mandy!!!

Friday, June 24, 2011

and in the baconning...

Ive started and dropped this blog about 4 times over the past couple of years mostly because its a pain in the ass to make time to do but I think I figured it out. Im a tattooist by trade but I do alot of other stuff art related that serve many a' purpose. 1. keeping me sane. you know when you have an idea or feeling that you just cant shake? making art (we'll call it "art" for claritys sake, and "making shit" doesnt have the same...uh. effect) cleans my brain out, to be blunt. 2. It keeps the good creative part of my brain moving , Id rather make something, paint something, draw something etc than rot in front of the tv. when i keep my brain on a creative kick or at least feed into it when it hits, it makes me feel like I am getting better at being an artist. 3. Its expressive. Im a pretty vocal and outspoken person. I have alot of opinions, and like everyone else I like to express myself. so, tattoos are for you, making art is for me.

I never went to school for art, i didnt have money for that...i stumbled into tattooing and ended up staying for some time (10 years). so ive always looked at it like i am at a disadvantage as far as design, color theory, light and shadow, etc , all that shit you learn in school. well the only way to even the odds is to apply yourself because it aint gonna land in your lap. SO that being said I like to paint. and draw (not much...i draw for work so when im home and doing things i purposely avoid it) , ive been on a collage kick lately. picking up cheap frames and yanking whatever was in there - OUT and making a collage to fit. I also like to creep around thrift stores for stuff to paint. I really dig religious figures, heavy, old, sterile looking ones and repainting them. I dont know where this comes from, but I like it, so I do it.

Im SUPER into gardening, plants and horticulture. so there will probably be some of that shit in here too because i have a yard that needs alot of love and Kimmy-attention. so yeah, basically Im gonna update this like a "look what i did today" type of thing for creative projects that i enjoy outside of the studio. and basically all ive done today is work on my website which still has a few kinks to work out but the meat and potatoes are there, just no butter. I dont have any pictures of the website but you can go there if youd like, feedback is appreciated (as long as I agree with you ) >:-)