Monday, June 10, 2013

Drawings 6-10-13

Cool title huh? Here are two completed portraits I am uploading. I think I am averaging one a week, or at least it feels that way.

I am working on my first female portrait and once I finish her I'm thinking if doing one more (i already have the lady in mind) or*** drawing an animal like my dog or a wolf or something hairy or*** paint a sheet of tattoo flash of bugs.

I miss the instant gratification of painting flash, but drawing portraits doesn't hurt my hand as much. So, its a toss up. Maybe I can keep a portrait going and work on the sheet during the same week.

Less thinking...more doing.

So here is the completed Swan from The Warriors (why in the fuck Hollywood feels the need to remake this movie is beyond me...I will NOT even acknowledge a remake...stick with the O.G.)

Then there's Clint. Mr Eastwood if you please. From one of the Dollars movies.

And then Westley from the Princess Bride <3 sigh. Ok . Cary Ewles if you prefer but I prefer Westley or The Man in Black.

I have an entire folder on my laptop of people I want to draw. I want to try painting a few, using hatching/cross hatching, and a few different techniques and mediums to really get the hang of this. It's so different from tattooing for me but changing the way I look at images and shapes, so I'm enjoying it, for sho.

Anyway, That's it for now enjoy and thanks for looking.