Monday, August 27, 2012

august: a few spit shaded paintings ..the magic of time lapse!!

whats new? well work at the studio is steady with tattoos and i think ive been pretty good about staying up with painting (sorry Skyrim) , trying to do at least one watercolor project per week. Maybe.... my memory is shit so in my mind, I have been painting one sheet/painting per week for as long as I can remember :) 

 I have been having alot of issues with my hand, mostly my thumb joint and its rotation, and grabbing and using things that are smaller than a 1" tube. Also the outside of my forearm has been getting really tired. Sometimes when it gets really bad, the center of my palm hurts burns like shit too. When Im actually tattooing, my hand rarely bothers me. Its when my machine isnt running that it really fucks me up.. Im trying to balance my days at the shop with one larger (couple of hours) piece, and the rest of the day filled with smaller stuff. I am seeing a massage therapist, and wrapping my hand  when I sleep. This past week, Ive also been wrapping my hand when I paint, keeping my thumb close to my hand, limiting its mobility and relying more on my shoulder/arm than my hand and wrist. It doesnt hurt as much to paint when its wrapped.

So that shit sucks. My hand wont be as sad as my pocket will come winter time. I havent seen a dr about my hand, nor do i care to. Ive done a little research and it appears that the "traditional" medical treatments are: surgery and cortizone shots. fuck both of those ideas. Im going to stick with my massage therapist, start soaking, keep wrapping and see how far that gets me.

anyway. Ive done a couple watercolor paintings here and there, so here they are. Really was on a sugar skull kick for a minute, still kind of am....i like the goofy skulls. working on some butterflies now, hope fully will have something to post next month.

heres the first sheet i started, some goofy skulls for sure. Not really digging a few of them now that I look back on them but...oh well.

goofy skulls
Another sugar skull

And this guy, Electrichead, is one of my favorites that Ive done. I like the colors alot

And a break from the skulls for a minute....You see this little dude and variations of him in plenty of old school tattoo flash. This is an 8x10 I did for him and his imaginary, yet chesty, ladyfriend.
Hot Stuff, and... Lady Hot Stuff!?

I have to share this awesome video...I saw this on youtube a couple of years ago and fell in love with the idea of time lapse painting...if i could buy the original of this i would. I absolutely love it ...this shit is insane!

This video inspired me long ago, and I picked up a tripod yesterday, so guess what I did? Yup.
My very own time lapse painting. I put it on youtube, i hope people dig it. I havent made a video in a long time so Im a little rusty. anyway, here it is:

This was alot of fun!! I had the afternoon off and it didnt take too long, the painting took about an hour and I did a little set up yesterday to see how the tripod would sit and everything. Im pretty happy with the way it came out, other than the fact that it kind of ends ubruptly. The more videos I do the easier and smoother (uh..lets hope..) they will become.

i think thats all for now.  again, the pics arent the best quality, maybe Santa will bring me an Iphone!  Or maybe I can just stop being lazy and start using my camera! ps I am also on instagram : kimmythehun so if you would like to see some of this stuff in progress, hit me up.

anyway, thanks for looking, and thanks for reading.