Monday, March 19, 2012

more attempts at traditional tattoo flash style designs...with bonus Skyrim screenshots

what a mouthful. thats what she said.

things have been busy as hell at the studio as of late and I havent had much time to do many paintings. Im still catching up on some scragglers (drawings I need to get done) to be completely caught up from my Sick Week of WTF.

So here are two, and I feel like a bamma because I only have two to share but I like them both alot, it definitely feels like I was taking my time and not just banging them out.

so heres an 8x10 I finished the other day , an old school rose junx
like my giant stamp in the corner? i need to make a smaller one.
 Im still working off the Strathmore watercolor paper, I have a whole pad of Arches I got for my birthday I havent even opened yet, Im whittling down my other paper and making sure Ive got a good hang of things before I break out the good stuff ;)

and heres another 8x10 I finished last night
who so blurry?
A traditional tattoo style horseshoe and some flowers. You can definitely tell a girl did this. that is not a bad thing :) I dont know why the photo of this came out so blurry, it probably has something to do with the fact that Im lazily using my droid instead of my camera to take pics. oh well.

So thats pretty much it, just busy tattooing and drawing tattoos, painting when I can for right now. Also took a shit ton of hermit crab pics, I changed their substrate last week so they are discovering all over again. Maybe a hermie post soon, and  There is one thing I kinda miss since Ive been painting so much....


slaying dragons and taking their SOULLLLLSSS

healing myself with wizardry

learning new languages
hiking in the wilderness with my mercenary
and this:
just standing around and being awesome, really.

I miss playing Skyrim. Maybe tomorrow I can get some hours in. *sigh* <3

thanks for reading!