Thursday, April 17, 2014

April 18th 2014

I have been very busy living life (and having my guts rearranged) that i have neglected my poor blog :( oh so sorry! I have been painting my ass off! Well, as much as I can until my "Brain Painter" Is invented. More on that later...I promise I will do a huge update soon but in the mean time here are a couple things I have been doing....

here is how i flatten a painting...right underneath that toolbox is a huge book of french impressionism...***yawn**** at least it comes in  handy for something

and i just started snapchatting, thanks to roxie and andrew keeping me in the loop o' technology 

these are tattoos i did and were part of an art exhibit called Art on a Mobile Canvas. Im pretty stoked! These guys and alot of my original artwork is on display at the Strasburg Town Hall in Strasburg VA. pretty cool. 

and this is a little 5x7 spitshaded watercolor that i did for an auction at the Body Gallery in Sterling. nice clean open and friendly shop! I will have to visit more.  
things have been busy (thats good right!?) and i have a fuck ton more paintings to share but now..i must sleep. thanks for reading.

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