Saturday, October 1, 2011

Halloweeny flash!!! up for grabs 10/5

I started this project a week or so ago naively thinking it would be done by October 1st (pssh, yeah right) with the 'Carnival' Art Show at the studio coming up (Oct 15th!!), trying to get paintings together for that and trying to organize and plan for a Halloween party at my house, get my costume, etc...uh. well lets just say Im only submitting two paintings to the art show. I wanted to do 3, but its probably not going to happen.

Ive wanted to do a tattoo flash set for a while, and basically its just a bunch of designs I did, for the occasion and some of them compiled from sketch books I've had for a few years. Altogether there are about 60 designs, ready to get hammered in your flesh

I cant say I will offer them at a discount, because lets face it, tattoos are not one of those things you want to get at a discount.  however!!! I will say that it is no secret that there is nothing more rewarding than doing a piece of your own artwork on someone, and coupled with the fact that they are Halloween related ...I can tell you that I will be more than happy to tattoo these designs. I might sing you a song while I work, who knows. If you are interested, please email me or call me at the studio 703.777.5377 or email me

I got to do one on my awesome friend Betsy the other night, and while I cant guarantee that the tattoo has magical properties, she was a happy lady when she left the shop.

They will all be fully colored when I come back to the shop on Wednesday, so hit me up if you would like one and we can discuss price.

Thank you for reading!


  1. Happy Halloween !!!! Love you & your blog.

  2. thank you Charlotte!! I love you guys too!