Saturday, April 13, 2013

huge update...all meat no potatoes

       Been a minute since the last post and I'm pretty busy at work so words are probably going to be few on this one. These are all 8x10's that I've done recently, with Dr. Martins and arches. I have been slacking lately big time with painting, been doing alot of custom work and working on a sketch / travel book of custom designs that I can do on the fly.

     heres a couple mandalas and some skulls. most of these were gifts to friends or trades for other paintings . I am still tattooing at Werewolfe Tattoo in Ranson, WV. I am at the studio Wednesday thru Saturday, and I work Sundays by appointment. If you would like to set something up please contact me at the studio 304.728.9880 and you can check out my portfolio I've done at  Enjoy and thanks for looking.

8x10 mandala

8x10 skull

8x10 death cherub

8x10 mandala

Valentines flash- 2 11x14 sheets

8x10 rose

8x10 roses and a candle

8x10 tip sign

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