Monday, June 27, 2011

a quickie collage

I got really lucky a couple weeks ago , I posted on fb asking for old magazines and a couple of folks really came thru and hooked me up , and ive been cutting and pasting steadily since then. Magazines, especially fashion magazines are chock FULL of shit (literally) to make something with, all you really have to do is figure out how and where to place the images. I used to buy magazines in my early 20's and enjoyed reading them, I guess its been a really long time or that I really never noticed how many fucking advertisements for make up, diet supplements, skin cleansers, hair products, etc etc. its really just like a book of commercials. let me stay on track before a rant starts...

So I think I may have a touch of OCD, that or I really enjoy organizing. Or maybe I was just thinking ahead since I received about 30 magazines....
my high tech filing system                       

And I got this at a yard sale yesterday , its just a cheap frame with a cardboard back, the frame itself is warped and kind of rough wood. Im thinking it was won at a carnival or something, and someone slapped a print out of Rosie the Riveter in it, Ill put her to work on something else.

hells to the yeah

After pulling the frame apart and wiping the glass down, I started the magical process of pulling things out of my H.T.F.S to arrange and place and try and figure out a theme. I have alot of stuff in the H.T.F.S so if I dont make quick work and make a decision, this will take all day, and I have shit to do.

Oh Cosmo, you slay me!

After getting everything laid out and glued down, and trimming and hangy pieces, I put the frame back together, and gave it a little touch of paint, same color.

done, son.  
Done and ready to slap on the wall! Its only about 8 x 11 inches, its super simple. Im looking to start a larger one maybe tonight and get a little more ... personal? detailed? gritty? fancy? with it.  I got a slightly larger frame yesterday too, and a pack of nice worn in playing cards, which im looking forward to doing something with. and I am ALWAYS taking magazine donations so if you have any please get at me. thank you for reading!


  1. its reminding me of the band HOLE's cover for Live Through This. I LOVE it! I totally cant stop making collages either.

  2. i love your blog kim!! what did you add paint to - the frame?