Wednesday, July 3, 2013

the motherload update: Back in Virginia tattooing

Yes! Its true! My favorite place to be, VA baby! I'm currently tattooing at Front Royal's oldest and most reputable studio... Colorworks Tattoo Studio. Before I go into gushing about it, lemme splain some stuff without spilling too much of my guts.

I knew I had to write this update. but I didnt want to write this update. My decision to come to Front Royal and work at Colorworks was actually something I've wanted to do for quite some time and started pulling a couple days at the studio before everything happened with my mom.  My mom getting sick tied in with all of this change of shops and its still pretty fresh so bare with me.

My mom was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer on April 25th after an accident at work. She was given a very grim diagnosis (weeks to a month without treatment, 6 months with treatment) Needless to say my whole world stopped. I pretty much only worked 2 days a week while in WV to spend as much time with her and my family as possible. Im glad I did. If I had known all we had left with her was a month I would have not even bothered tattooing at all, but spent every second in Front Royal with my family and her. On May 21st my mom took a chance and went in for surgery to remove the tumor from her brain. After many seizures and never regaining conciousness, she fell into a coma. She died on June 3rd.

even with a months warning that this was happening, it happened way too fucking fast.

While all this was happening I made the decision to say fuck it, and work in Front Royal at Colorworks. There are many things Ive learned from losing my mom, one of them being that there is no "right time" to do ANYTHING. There is no perfect opportunity. NOW is the time. Also, Death is a THIEF!

I am just now getting back to tattooing full time. Things are hard without my mom , but I have her with me always, in my blood and my sister and I share her spirit.

So many people rallied around my mom and our family during this time, and I will not soon forget those who looked after us, and her. THANK YOU!

I dont know how to close this so Im just going to say thanks for reading.
(guts still partially intact.)

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