Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Decembers progress (yes I know it is January)

 its been a while since i posted and i am in the middle of other projects (like...they are sitting here waiting for me to shut the fucking computer OFF) so ill make this really brief. Ive been doing alot of painting, and reading books about art and drawing and watching documentaries about art, and watching interviews with some of my favorite tattoo artists...Im trying to flood my brain. I swear these all look better in person. I took this photos with my camera phone so ya know... anyway.

replace tv with ipod and replace internet with paint, brush and canvas. thats what ive been trying to do.

I did this for my step daughter for Xmas, its acrylic 8x10 on canvas. was trying to get my hand back after a long break and work on the loose swirls, i like using them in tattooing but i want to try a couple new things, so this was a good practice.

this is also 8x10 acrylic on canvas. i did it for the upcoming "7 deadly sins" art show at the studio I wanted to do a 3-5 painting series about greed (consumerism/consumption) with pigs but im not sure if i will have time. in retrospect i wouldnt have put the symbols on his shoulders if i knew i was going to put the writing in the background.

this was my favorite of all, but i really wish i had done it larger with greater detail. its also 8x10 acrylic on canvas. I didnt know tarantulas had 10 legs until i started checking out reference material. pretty cool. I like spiders. especially big hairy gross ones. :-) this was supposed to be the last painting of 2011 for me.

but the last one of 2011 ended up being this nerdy turd. its on canva-paper, maybe like 11x16? underneath him is something i did a few years ago i got sick of looking at so he got a face lift.

anyway that is all for now, i just picked up a watercolor set and did a small little tattoo flash style skull, hoping to get a couple more done and blog again.


  1. Water color is like doing an ink wash picture... Acrylic paints are a bit difficult to get details..... a couple of my pieces I had to go back over with pen and ink.... but due to my nervous anxiety disorder I do not get to do much art work these days... so keep up the good work and do not let critics ever get you down.... (everyone has their own opinion) Do art for yourself.... that is the only critic who really matters ( I know I am my own worst critic...)
    the Doctor

  2. hey thank you for the feedback! I am no stranger to anxiety myself. painting kinda quiets the mind. temporarily. :)